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Updates and Perspectives from Leading Voices in the Non-Aligned Movement: Defending Human Rights by Upholding International Law

About The Alliance Journal

The Alliance Journal is a scholarly academic journal, as an independent project of the Royal Institute of Geopolitics & Human Rights of Ignita Veritas University (IVU), an internationally licensed educational institution. The Alliance Journal is the contribution of IVU as a United Nations NGO to joint projects with the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and BRICS Alliance of independent and sovereign countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa).

Original articles are generally written by professors of the relevant university faculty departments of IVU. Collections of external articles were carefully selected as “best evidence” of certain facts, suitable for source citations of academic references in scholarly research works, and reposted here for preservation of and easy access to the most relevant sources for academic research.  This collection concept is intended to serve as a powerful resource, to empower independent researchers with verifiable facts suitable for footnotes, allowing to “prove” points and tangible realities which are neglected or suppressed by the mainstream media.

Anti-Globalist, Anti-Agenda, and Supportive of National Sovereignty

The editorial staff and supporting volunteers of The Alliance Journal (AJ) advocate a multi-polar world which respects national sovereignty, honors cultural differences, champions human rights and fundamental freedoms, and operates within a fair and balanced financial system based on asset-backed currencies, free of the control of globalist central banks and the private groups which manipulate them.  We acknowledge the need for a body such as the United Nations to resolve differences and create international laws with the assent of the sovereign nations of the world, but staunchly oppose any move toward a globalist government or a single currency.

The Journal celebrates the existence and continued development of a meaningful and functional alliance of intellectuals, academics, independent journalists and researchers who define themselves as Anti-Agenda and Anti-Globalist, who thereby support the network of allies of the NAM-BRICS Alliance in defense of human rights and individual freedoms.

United Nations Reform to Enforce International Human Rights Law

The most powerful driving force of the genuine human rights movement of the Alliance is the cooperation of NAM-BRICS nation-states who insist upon their independence and sovereignty, but also function as members of the United Nations.  However, the Alliance (including its various UN registered NGO organizations) opposes the recent trend of corruption and abuse of certain UN mechanisms, and actively pursues a strong policy that is officially recognized and encouraged by the UN itself, called “UN Reform”.  This Anti-Agenda policy is wholly dedicated to fully restoring the original founding principles of the UN which unequivocally mandate freedom, independence, sovereignty and human rights.

Therefore, the AJ features contents which give due respect only to certain UN mechanisms which are true to its original founding principles, while remaining free to openly criticize all corruptions or abuses of UN activities which infringe upon or fail to uphold human rights and freedoms.

A Fact-based  Alternative to the “Alternative Media”

The Alliance Journal (AJ) recognizes that the “Alternative Media” is increasingly losing its character of being “alternative”, as its proponents allow themselves to be infiltrated, co-opted and misdirected by disinformation.  Any “Alternative Media” in which the superficial appearance of opposing information only allows and enables the anti-humanitarian Agenda of hegemonic countries to be implemented, by definition, ceases to provide any real “alternative” at all.

Therefore, the AJ features only contents which are well-researched to be factual and truthful, which provide practical perspectives on real-world solutions to defeat the Agenda, representing a body of information that is a legitimate alternative providing strategies for truly effective restoration of human rights and freedoms.  The AJ benefits from official resources within national security agencies of Allies in the NAM-BRICS Alliance, and related organizations, factions, groups and individuals who have access to accurate and reliable intelligence information.  The result is to provide hard factual information intended to allow readers to better discern for themselves the often subtle differences between disinformation by Agenda perpetrators and the authentic content of the Alliance.

No “Saviors” Here – The Alliance is Humanity Itself

The Alliance Journal recognizes that infiltration of the “Alternative Media” is primarily enabled by the pressure for sensationalism that is an inherent side-effect and direct by-product of undue emphasis on individual personalities.

Therefore, the AJ itself does not promote any individual leaders of the Alliance, nor any individual personalities as public figureheads for the Journal, allowing only modest references to authors or editors without any further implications.  The true Alliance is actually humanity as a whole, and all those who fight to restore fundamental human rights and freedoms which already exist as protected under international law, collectively.

Exposing Disinformation Agents

The Journal also recognizes that through intentional confusion, disinformation and trolling,  there seems to be decreasing room for factual truth in the so-called “Truth Movement.”

Therefore, one important and mandatory function of the AJ is to highlight and correct known propaganda points which have been advanced by disinformation agents – points that are disproven by abundant factual research which has been solidly established over the past two decades of the legitimate Alternative Media.  Groups or personalities of the “freedom movement” who advance proven propaganda points of disinformation (when they should know better) may be criticized by publication of factual truthful information supported by verifiable research, but without criticizing the value of their actual missions in support of genuine human rights and freedoms.

The Alliance Journal (AJ) further recognizes that Agenda forces rely upon a general trend of “information overload” in Alternative Media, using a targeted strategy of “weapons of mass distraction” to flood communications channels with voluminous non-factual content, anything that distracts from the violations of international law by Agenda perpetrators, and especially that can be used to discredit the channels or undermine their practical utility to real truth seekers.

For these reasons, the AJ rejects any pressure to become a flood of constant posts which would only overwhelm readers and bury the most important factual messages.  Very selectively, the AJ will only post articles that are of primary importance to the most central topics which go to the heart of implementing genuinely effective Anti-Agenda strategies.

“Of Faith” – But Not a Home for Channelers or Astrological Forecasts

The Journal understands that concepts of pseudo-spirituality are most commonly abused as weapons for distraction and discrediting. Therefore, the AJ will not be a forum for messages of directionless abstract spirituality, channeling, astrological forecasts or messages from off-planet civilizations (unless firmly grounded in factual intelligence information from reliable sources).  This site is operated by persons who are emphatically “of faith”, and who support all authentic traditions of religion and spirituality as the important exercise of fundamental human rights and freedoms.  However, the AJ is primarily geopolitical in focus, and will report on matters of religion and spirituality in that light.

Comment Section – Moderated with a Light Hand

The “Comment” section of the Blog function for The Alliance Journal (AJ), as discussion forums, will be largely wide open.  AJ Moderators will oversee debate with a light hand, reviewing only on a weekly basis, and for the most part allowing debate and comment to flow freely.  Only messages which are overtly offensive or harassing, patently non-intellectual, or advancing statements which are already known and proven to be propaganda points of disinformation, will be deleted.  It is our intention that the high quality of AJ articles should attract a correspondingly high caliber of debate, offering readers a chance to follow the compelling story of Anti-Agenda and Anti-Globalist cooperation of the Alliance as it unfolds.

Focus: To Empower the Alliance of Free Peoples

On the basis of all of the above principles, The Alliance Journal (AJ) serves as a digest, news source, and debate forum, offering authentic voices a central place for genuine truth and freedom resources, and for meaningful strategic exchange.  In this way, the AJ serves to channel the intellectual, professional and diplomatic resources of the NAM-BRICS Alliance and its contributing and supporting Allies, to develop and strengthen practical points of common ground, to facilitate and accelerate the realization of a more free, peaceful and abundant world for all of humanity.

Thank you for visiting The Alliance Journal.

Adjunct Professor Michael Henry Dunn, Ph.D.

Senior Editor, The Alliance Journal

Royal Institute of Geopolitics & Human Rights, Ignita Veritas University


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