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Kerry Cassidy Interviews Michael Henry Dunn: The Templars, The Global Accounts, and the Rule of Law




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2 thoughts on “Kerry Cassidy Interviews Michael Henry Dunn: The Templars, The Global Accounts, and the Rule of Law

  1. WiseDove on said:

    Dunn is hard to stomach. Seemingly well-intentioned, he apparently doesn’t appreciate the depth and scope of the tentacles of the globalists’ plans. For instance, he seems to think there’s a chance to resolve these issues with scams like licensing qualifications in corrupt judicial systems; systems that will soon be obsolete once the NWO takes control. They may be crooks breaking the law, but they can buy and sell all the outcomes, as evidenced by recent verdicts in London and Rome.

  2. It is central to the mission statement of The Alliance Journal to provide articles and interviews focused on well-researched, fact-based solutions. The so-called “alternative media” is permeated with disinformation, “fear porn,” and generalized rumor-mongering, much of which falsely portrays the corrupt globalist faction as all-powerful. Our information indicates that this is demonstrably untrue, and that an effective global alliance is in fact emerging to defeat the genocidal agenda of debt-enslavement. Those who prefer to spread despair, and to issue unsupported assertions of globalist omnipotence are, of course, free to do so. They are also free to bury their heads in the sand, and meekly prepare for their own enslavement.

    The editorial staff, allied academics, volunteers, and supporters of The Alliance Journal, and its sponsoring university (Ignita Veritas University: are committed to furthering the effective alliance of Non-Aligned and BRIICS nations, toward enforcing the rule of law, accomplishing prosecution of the systemic and massive violations of international human rights law by which the globalists maintain day-to-day operations.

    Those who prefer an effective and inspiring struggle for freedom, based on the noblest aspirations of the human spirit, are welcome to join us.

    The Editorial Staff – The Alliance Journal

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