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The Untold Story Behind the Creation of The Arbitration Court of International Justice, the First Licensed ‘People’s’ Court for the Enforcement of Human Rights Law


The Untold Story Behind the Creation of The Arbitration Court of International Justice, the First Licensed ‘People’s’ Court for the Enforcement of Human Rights Law

by Michael Henry Dunn

(copyright Michael Henry Dunn, 2015, all international rights reserved)

January 27, 2015

  • Is Enforcement Really Possible Against the Corrupt Plutocracy?
  • The “Unused Back Door” of International Human Rights Law
  • The Illegal and Unconstitutional Defamation Campaign Launched by a US Army Counter-Intelligence Agent Against the ACIJ’s Principal Spokesman
  • The Making of a “American Dissident Prince” – Genius-level Asperger’s Autistic, Veteran Federal Agent under Vladimir Putin, Archaeologist, International Judge – and Grand Master of the reborn Knights Templar

Post-Snowden, post-Wiki-leaks, in an era when a former top US Intelligence advisor recommends the wholesale reversal of the secrecy paradigm in the name of “open-source” intelligence (giving up the trillion-dollar covert industry in favor of basing policy on what everyone can find and see) — in this bewildering time the “spinners” of the world are gradually waking up to the fact that the best spin is the transparent absence of heavy-handed spin (or even light-handed spin), in favor of the disorienting practice of open-hearted candor.

Yet still one wants to tell one’s story — which will inevitably be a kind of “spin,” markedly different from the story being advanced by the opposition. However, in this time of deep cynicism toward both mainstream and “alternative” media, those in the freedom movement have learned to have their spin-detectors set to maximum. Those who have set the dial to “paralyzed nihilism” will, of course, find liars and pretenders everywhere, and true-hearted freedom workers nowhere.

With that preamble done, I am here to tell you the open-heartedly candid story of the creation of The Arbitration Court of International Justice (ACIJ), and its supporting campaign, Justice4Humanity.

Or, as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid famously put it, “Who are those guys?”

Recognizing the Facts through the Fog

The core of the story is simple:  Certain individuals (fortuitously placed and trained to do something about it) saw that massive human suffering and ever-increasing trampling of essential human rights are largely due to systematic violation of international human rights law by what may loosely be termed “corrupt oligarchic and/or plutocratic forces.”  They saw that these forces work their will through governments, covert operations, private groups, and financial institutions; that they manipulate public opinion through illegal propaganda via media conglomerates owned by these same forces — all in the service of an agenda which is blatantly self-serving and hostile to the welfare and freedom of humanity. The plutocratic creation and control of the central banking system are clearly the key to their power — requiring a virtual financial revolution to defeat the implementation of their agenda.

And these individuals recognized that existing international courts were inherently limited (to some extent, by design), and had proven themselves entirely unequal to the task of effectively protecting humanity from these systemic violations.

Some of the codified international laws which go unenforced include the following:

(An excerpt of chapter titles from The Judge’s Manual for Enforcement of Human Rights Enforcement, copyright Ignita Veritas University, 2015, all international rights reserved)

  • Illegal Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction
  • False Arrest and Prolonged Detention as Persecution
  • Unlawful Travel Restrictions for Persecution
  • Torture – Any and all forms which violate human dignity
  • Unlawful Interference or Restriction of Communication
  • Banking Violations: Unlawful Blocking of Use of Private Funds
  • Violation of Equal Protection of Law by Selective Enforcement
  • Propaganda Violations as Covert Operations
  • Propaganda for False Justification of State Aggression
  • Propaganda for Destabilization and Covert Warfare
  • Illegal Violation of Nation-State Sovereignty
  • Subversive Destabilization and Covert Warfare
  • Genocide by Implementation of Systemic Policies

A quick scan of these violations will bring dozens of instances to mind for well-informed persons which exemplify how the corrupt plutocracy runs rough-shod over human rights as a daily business of maintaining control.

Knowing the inescapable truth that only an alliance of nations under the rule of law based on shared human values could possibly accomplish the enormous task of reversing this bleak downward slide, the men and women of Justice4Humanity set about to see what they could contribute to such a movement, knowing that many thousands of others shared the same realizations, and were also struggling for a viable solution.

The Unused Back Door of International Human Rights Law

To begin with, the creation of an international court of justice possessing effective jurisdiction has hitherto only been accomplished by lengthy negotiations between nations — indeed by a process that was “inter-national.”   In this case, a major new legal institution was created by a handful of committed human rights advocates, international judges, and lawyers — with the significant factor that the institution derives its legitimacy from decades of existing agreements between nations, relying on provisions of international law that had simply never before been utilized.

(And since the question on nearly every reader’s mind will be regarding the enforceability of such a court, let us dispense with that upfront at this link.)

The authority and the jurisdiction are therefore “statutory” — triggered by fulfillment of existing international statutes, binding on all U.N. member nations. The law is clear. The licenses are real. The standards of due process required are in place. This part of the story is straightforward.

The human story behind the creation of the court, however, is more complex. Anthropologist Margaret Mead famously advised us to “never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”  This is certainly true of the ACIJ.

Reality Check – Why Should We Trust These Guys?

While it’s true that the Law is not about personalities, and that the ACIJ is designed to be a permanent institution of social justice for the people, the documented reality is that infiltration, disinformation, and “controlled opposition” are common tools by which meaningful change has long been blocked.  Personalities and would-be saviors have been paraded, celebrated, debunked and vilified, leaving the people emotionally exhausted and hopeless.  Caution is well-advised.

Some who once had hope may now suffer from semi-permanent jaded cynicism.  This project is not addressed to them.  To those who believe that justice is possible, that human freedom is possible, and who are willing to accept responsibility to take action (rather than waiting around for the Big Rescue and the Magic Currency Reset) I will simply offer suggestions about how to tell the disinformation agents and agitators from genuine and effective human rights advocates:

  • If they are promising an overnight transformation by means of Secret Good Guys doing all the work for us, releasing heretofore Hidden Trillions for mass distribution — this is not real.
  • If they are focusing primarily on “fear mongering” – trumpeting the heinous crimes and all-powerful tentacles of the Bad Guys without offering practical, real-world solutions — this is not helpful.
  • If they trigger friction and hostility among freedom-movement figures, and engage in mud-slinging and character assassination — this is a serious warning sign.
  • If they suggest violent tactics or strategy (except for justifiable self-defense) — expose and denounce it.
  • If they denounce religion as merely a “system of control,” beware — genuine spirituality and interfaith harmony are our greatest assets in achieving freedom.
  • If they consistently offer supposed “inside information” which only paints a picture of a world completely controlled by the “all-powerful ultra-elite” in which we are all helpless slaves or puppets — ignore them.  Seize and use the freedom you have, and it will expand.

You are reading an article which was created by an alliance of genuine human rights advocates working in the Middle East, California, the UK, India, and the US East Coast.  Justice4Humanity is made up of passionately committed volunteers who believe the human family’s best hope for peace and freedom is for a global alliance to peacefully enforce international human rights law.

Impunity must end. If impunity ends, many grievous violations will be greatly lessened.  Suffering will be greatly lessened.  Freedom will be enhanced.  Hidden systems of oppression will be disabled.  It will not be easy and it will not happen overnight.  But we believe it is the only way.

Right.  Sounds good.  And again, “who are those guys?”

I’ll tell you in a moment. First, one more important caveat:

Ahem, Ahem, Ad Hominem

Courts of law are not about personalities. International institutions designed to last centuries and anchored in binding agreements between nearly all the sovereign nations of the world do not rise or fall based on the virtues or flaws of the comparative handful of men and women who labored to bring them about.

Or, as the humble founders of the Twelve Step Recovery movement put it, “principles before personalities.”

The first point of attack for opponents who wish to distract people from the principles which threaten their wrongdoing is to search out and expose the personal flaws, scandals, or even the mildly unsavory details from the earlier years of the messengers or advocates of those threatening principles. They then proceed to parade these supposedly fatal flaws in sensational fashion, as demonstrated by the now well-known and blatant use of tabloid press by the Rupert Murdoch media conglomerate to selectively punish politicians who dared to oppose its power. This is known as the “logical fallacy” of ad hominem rebuttal — an attack on the person rather than on the principles in question.

If no such flaws or scandals can be found, they can be (and frequently are) cunningly created, as we shall see. It is documented that US and UK counter-intelligence forces devote considerable resources to the defamation and career destruction of political dissidents. The only reasonable option under such circumstances is to preemptively expose the exposers, and tell the unvarnished truth (as Lincoln didn’t actually say), “warts and all.”

Thus, the best offense being a total absence of defense (in the new transparent paradigm), I will now proceed to expose and share the virtues, flaws and supposed scandals of the key movers behind the campaign for the independent ACIJ — but only in the course of telling the essential story with no distracting tangents.

Daring to Name It — A Prominent US Intelligence Expert Expects “Revolution”

In the late summer of 2013, in the course of free-lance journalistic work, I began a series of Skype conversations with an American-born international judge who was working in Egypt. Our conversations focused on the inadequacy of the current international justice system to uphold human rights and national sovereignty.

Credible evidence exists to convince many intelligent observers that a behind the scenes war has been raging in recent years between what is generally termed “the Cabal” and an alliance of benevolent forces in the military and intelligence communities of various nations which had recognized the corrupt nature and appalling agenda of the plutocratic elite.  An end-game appears to be underway, in which the stakes are enormous.  Exposure of the actual history and nature of the Cabal would mean (in the best case scenario) disgrace, poverty, and prison for some of the world’s most eminent families.  Their best option to prevent such defeat remains the one they have resorted to for centuries: create chaos and upheaval, and then impose an ever more restrictive “order” on the chaos they themselves had triggered.

At this writing, the danger of worldwide global financial collapse is being trumpeted even by corrupt mainstream media.  The only questions remaining would seem to hinge on timing and control: when does it happen?  And who controls the end-game and reset?  Does the Cabal emerge triumphant, having imposed draconian control in the wake of global financial chaos?  Or will the Alliance acquire the strength to step in at a key moment, asserting the essential human values of cooperation and the rule of law to give mankind a fresh start?

Meanwhile, the aforementioned former US Intelligence Advisor, Robert Steele, has recently observed that classic conditions which are precursors to revolution are now present in the United States and Britain.  But what kind of revolution might unfold?  If revolution and financial collapse are in fact imminent, will the human family unify in cooperation under international law, or descend into chaos and war?

Even mainstream media outlets such as The Huffington Post are now daring to articulate the need for a peaceful revolution, as when prominent spiritual leader and best-selling author Marianne Williamson wrote in an op-ed in December of 2014:

Our democracy is dying…It’s time to say it: we need a peaceful revolution in America. In the words of President John F. Kennedy, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.” The American people have simply got to stand up now…”

It has become apparent that only a global alliance operating under international law with the broad consent of the world community can ultimately bring to justice the corrupt plutocratic faction which has come to dominate and control the nominally democratic governments of NATO (and their formidable military forces) to further their agenda.

So long as these corrupt factions retain control via the fiat currency system in the network of central banks, so long as they manipulate a façade of democracy to use the NATO military forces to violate national sovereignty — so long, in other words, as they enjoy impunity from their massive violations of international law — so long will the implementation of their agenda of greed and oppression gain momentum.

Restoring Human Rights and the Rule of Law

But what international court can possibly take on these forces?  What venue can be trusted?  And even if lawful judgments against human rights violators are made, on what basis can enforcement take place?  The use of military might to further the goals of the moneyed elite is among the oldest and bloodiest tragedies known to mankind.  The banking families who control the G7 are hardly likely to surrender meekly and peacefully.

What court of law can possibly hope to impact the hard geopolitical realities? I refer you again to the words of Margaret Mead regarding the history of small groups of thoughtful committed citizens who changed the world.  This is the story of one such group.

Enter Prince Judge Matthew of Thebes

Matthew Throne (Horiz)

You may look him up under that name on LinkedIn, where his profile is very detailed as to accomplishments, but limited (as is typical for the professional usage of LinkedIn) as to personal information.  Given his fifteen years of service to the Russian Federation as a veteran national security lawyer, his careful online profile which respects the confidentiality of others is understandable — federal law enforcement agents are not in the habit of broadcasting their personal information all over the internet.

But now we are sharing the story of how the first legitimate international court of human rights “for the people” came into being.  And since the alliance of human rights advocates who have collaborated to found the ACIJ have asked Prince Matthew to be a spokesman for the Court, he has consented to a greater level of transparency in this article.

(Note:  Prince Judge Matthew is not an adjudicating judge of the ACIJ Court itself, but is an independent judge accredited for other governmental and international Courts.  As a temporary part-time volunteer supporting ACIJ, he has agreed to be an external spokesman.)

Prince, Archaeologist, Judge, Veteran Federal Agent, Genius-level High-Functioning Autistic, and Grand Master of the Knights Templar

Let’s begin with the title.  The status of “Prince” is legitimately used by recognized descendants of royal houses (both ruling and deposed), and by those who have been ennobled by the fons honorum (literally, “source of honor”) powers traditionally vested in recognized kings under customary international law.  Prince Matthew’s status was earned for merit, officially bestowed by fons honorum of HRH King David of Mann, of the Independent Kingdom of Mann (a non-ruling royal house legalized and recognized by Queen Elizabeth II), the direct descendant of the original founder and first Royal Patron of the 12th century Knights Templar (as proven by official genealogy records of the Anglican Church).  This was granted in 2013, as a necessary part of installing Matthew as the Grand Master of the direct continuation of the original Templar Order, because such Orders traditionally have a “Prince Grand Master” (e.g., the Sovereign Military Order of Malta).

The remarkable story of the restoration of the Sovereign Magistral Order of the Temple of Solomon (as it is properly called) is a tale unto itself, which is given in detail on the Order’s Web Page “Restoration” . (As of 2015, the Templar Order signed a treaty of full independence with the Kingdom of Mann, so it is not dependent on nor influenced by any other sovereign entity.)

As to the designation ‘of Thebes’ which follows his name, this correctly follows chivalric rules of nobility titles, by which the person must have established a knightly commandery or monastery in the place for which they hold the designation.  Prince Matthew founded a Templar Commandery in Luxor, which is ancient Thebes, where he regularly pursues archaeology, restoring the full authentic heritage of the Templar Order.  I would later learn that the modern Templar Order encourages a revival of the ancient concept of nobility as being a responsibility of greater service to humanity rather than a badge of bloodline superiority.  A Templar nobility title turns out to be recognition of service and a call to greater service, all based on egalitarian meritocracy.

NOTE: Those who have read recent historically inaccurate accounts which misidentify the Templars as “an earlier version of the Cabal” may wish to know that the historical record demonstrates that the infamous 1307 persecution of the Templars was ordered by King Phillip IV of France, a brutal tyrant whom historians identify as the founder of the modern centralized authoritarian state.  Then as now, the Templars were Human Rights champions —they were instrumental in the creation of the Magna Carta (the first civil rights and foundation of individual freedom in the West) — and were inter-faith mystics who shared  sacred knowledge  with their Muslim enemies.

The reality is that the ideals of Chivalry have been making a quiet comeback for the last thirty years (thank you, George Lucas, for the Jedi Knights).  Service to humanity, reverence for women, communion with the Divine Source, willingness to defend the oppressed and combat evil, a commitment to a disciplined moral life — these are the ideals of the thousands of “knights and dames” in genuine chivalric movements worldwide.

The ACIJ is not a Templar project.  But there are Templar knights and dames who have chosen Human Rights as their mission and are supporting this effort.

Judge whether they are for real by the unequivocally humanitarian tangible work which they contribute.   “By their fruits ye shall know them.”

When I was introduced to Prince Matthew in Indonesia in the spring of 2013, he had volunteered legal expertise to a human rights group there out of a desire to further the anti-globalist, pro-national sovereignty cause.  I learned that Matthew was an international judge who had worked with the ‘old-school’ mentors of President Vladimir Putin, and assisted the Russian Presidential Administration in cleaning up the Russian mafia in the years following the resignation of Boris Yeltsin.

My contact then mentioned in passing, “Oh yeah, he’s also the Grand Master of the Knights Templar.”

I did not follow up that intriguing item for many months. In the course of my research, I had heard rumors that some lineal remnant of the Templars had survived and was active in the alliance against the Western banking elite.  I had learned to disregard rumors.  We needed expert help on international law.

This led to several lengthy Skype conversations between me and Prince Matthew, exploring these issues.  We quickly discovered a remarkable affinity on multiple fronts, from the political to the esoteric, and became collaborators in several projects. We decided to do an article on the viability of a new kind of international human rights court, exposing the flaws of the current global courts, and proposing an alternative.

Yes, reader, the candor thing again — he is now a close friend. I have collaborated with Prince Matthew since then on multiple projects related to human rights advocacy and interfaith harmony.

Over the course of many months, the following facts emerged about this remarkable man:

  • A lifelong Egyptology hobbyist, he eventually completed a doctorate in archaeology, among other graduate degrees
  • He was a Druid High Priest in New England at age twenty-three. He worked his way through college by playing piano and guitar (his own compositions) at restaurants and cocktail bars and doing psychic readings at New Age bookstores.
  • He lives on the edge of the Sahara Desert with his beloved Great Dane, “Raissa” (Arabic for ‘Lady President’), and enjoys a close relationship with the Village Elders of the ancient culture of the region.
  • His brain functions at an abnormally high, super-computer level, due in part to his extraordinarily high-functioning Asperger’s autism.
  • He is able to process information and generate doctoral-level historical research and legal documents at phenomenal speed in uninterrupted work sessions which often go as long as 24 to 36 hours.
  • He exhibits classic symptoms of Asperger’s autism noted by medical specialists, in which he tends to be compulsively obsessed with facts (i.e. encyclopedic data), virtually “missing the part of the brain” which can invent non-factual falsehoods.
  • He is an accredited international judge licensed by a ministry of justice and a bar association of international judges.
  • His primary function representing sovereign countries was to assist as a Special Envoy in their efforts to improve relations with the United States.
  • He endures an extremely high level of nearly constant pain resulting from multiple factors, including nerve pain from the symptoms of Autism; post-traumatic stress disorder from his years in national security; and the after-effects of a nearly fatal motorcycle crash at 140 km/hr (on a government assignment)
  • Although his motorcycle crash fractured multiple bones and required a year and a half of excruciating physical therapy, he worked on a notebook computer from a hospital bed with only one working arm, and surprised doctors by willing himself out of a wheelchair to walking in a record 3 months.
  • Since he now walks with a cane, his fellow Templar Knights tend to call him “Sir Limps-a-lot”
  • He witnessed both of Egypt’s recent revolutions first-hand as they unfolded.
  • He is at once a man of deep faith and a formidable intellectual.
  • As an American political dissident, he has been the focus of a well-orchestrated smear campaign by elements of the US intelligence community.

It is this last fact which, in part, prompts this article.  Prince Matthew would really much rather remain behind the scenes, and let the institution he helped to bring into being represent itself by its own authority and impact.  A man does not generally choose to live alone on the edge of the desert engaged in high-level research out of a desire to be a famous freedom-fighter (nor do veteran federal agents usually splash their personal histories all over Facebook).

And while his high-functioning Asperger’s autism is virtually undetectable in ordinary conversation (as he enjoys a high degree of normal “affect,” with a razor wit and a gleeful laugh), he has warned this writer not to expect finesse in people skills from him, much less an ability to “schmooze” in society.  “On one level, Michael, I’m just a Rainman who’s learned to put on a show…”

This is a very private man.

By sheer force of will, he has overcome extraordinary challenges to carve out a unique niche, freely contributing accomplishments which would proudly fill out the resumes of a dozen lesser men.  As a Templar Knight he has done this quietly, in keeping with the Order’s ancient motto, Non nobis, Domine, sed Nomine tuo da gloriam (not unto us, O Lord, but to Thy Name be the glory).

But because searchable traces remain on the internet of the documented criminal defamation efforts led by a US Army counter-intelligence officer, we must set the record straight, so that those who have cause to fear the impact of an effective international court of human rights will not be able use the deception of ad hominem attack, which is the last refuge of the morally corrupt and intellectually destitute.

When it comes to systematic violation of human rights, Prince Judge Matthew of Thebes can speak from personal experience.

From New York to Moscow to Thebes: the Making of a Dissident American Prince

My relationship to Matthew began with him being in the position of a mentor.  My job was to absorb and distill the information he shared, and produce useful, anti-globalist articles on human rights law to be disseminated on the web. I would learn his life story only gradually.  One feature of autistic brain-function is the ability to follow a logical thread down an endless trail of consequences and potentialities with an exhaustive focus which leaves ordinary brains in the dust.  While this can result in a dizzying amount of information being imparted in a single conversation, it seldom leaves room for ordinary small talk or personal tangents.  Perceiving his preference for privacy, I learned to keep to the subject at hand.

As an inveterate storyteller and tangent-enthusiast, this was a hardship to which I had to become accustomed.  Rather like Dr. Watson in his early months of acquaintance with Sherlock Holmes, I had to pick up Matthew’s history largely by inference and analysis.

Tidbits leaked out over the months.  He had been fascinated with ancient Egypt from the age of eight.  He developed an early interest in Wicca which led to his involvement with a community of covens in upstate New York in his early twenties, where he achieved the status of high priest, learning “angelic languages” and practicing traditional spirituality (he recently shared that it was Wicca which led eventually to his passion for Catholic Christianity).  His highly developed extra-sensory abilities led to making extra income as a psychic at New York and Pennsylvania area New Age bookstores.

Autistics can be extraordinarily sensitive to their environments, as their ability to process information is so acute that painful overload is a constant risk.  Matthew found in his early twenties that he was painfully “allergic” on a psychic level to American urban culture.  Seeking his Russian family roots (multiple lines of anti-Bolshevik Tsarist Cossacks), he established himself in Moscow shortly before the end of the regime of Boris Yeltsin — a time of corruption and chaos in which organized crime was ruining the country.

His Russian was never great.  He speaks Russian, so he tells me, with an absolutely horrible American accent.  But it is at least intelligible to Russians, with a specialized technical vocabulary.  And it provided, at one point in his career, a perfect cover for his law-enforcement work.

I will jump forward here: after he trained with the Federal Security Service (“FSB”) and was working as an undercover agent during Vladimir Putin’s crackdown on the Russian mafia, his barely passable American-accented Russian allowed him to blunder into mafia-owned bars in the persona of a stupid American tourist.  His “handler” — the veteran agent who accompanied him — played the role of an exasperated taxi-driver who was keeping him company.  Together they would case the joint, noting who was there and who was meeting whom, while Matthew distracted the crowd by taking over the piano when the Mafioso pianist took a break.

On one such occasion, he took the mafiaso pianist’s favorite tune — the theme from The Godfather (of course) — and improvised dazzling New Age-style variations on it.  Seeing the crowd’s enthusiasm, the house player grew jealous (with his boss angrily demanding that he show up the Americanski — or else!), and a battle of dueling Godfathers went back and forth for an hour….while useful intelligence was quietly being gathered.

But the bulk of his work was as a Special Envoy, serving the effort to improve Russian-American relations.  This work was not secret.  He openly wore an FSB officer’s uniform to a meeting with US Embassy officials in Moscow, while presenting his report for Secretary of State Madeleine Albright on behalf of Russian agencies, just to make sure that the US State Department understood that he was an American citizen who had chosen to openly and lawfully represent the Russian Federation.

This does not serve to endear one to American counter-intelligence forces — especially those factions which are controlled by the corrupt financial elite.

The Court, the Research, the License, the Mission

My first collaboration with Prince Matthew produced an article on the shortcomings of existing international courts and the need for a licensed court to which ordinary people could go for justice when their rights were violated by governments, corporations, or “private groups.”  As I was gradually taken into his confidence, I learned that such a court was not merely hypothetical: the legal infrastructure was already being put in place — and an academic institution had been founded:  Ignita Veritas University or IVU), with full licensing, to host the emerging International Law Centre in which The Arbitration Court of International Justice (ACIJ) would be housed.  A team of international judges and attorneys at a prominent law center in Egypt had presented the research on which the Centre would be based, and obtained licenses from various government agencies to legally perform the functions listed below (an excerpt from the university’s website):

IVU is internationally licensed and accredited by the Ministry of Education as a university educational institution, with lawful authority to grant a full range of academic degrees. It maintains advanced academic and scholarly research programs in international law, relevant specialties of ancient and medieval history as related to geopolitics, and other areas of importance to the stability of civilizations.

IVU is also internationally licensed by a Ministry of Education and Ministry of Scientific Research as an educational accrediting agency, with lawful authority to accredit other universities and their academic programs, including the management of transfer credits between institutions.

IVU is internationally licensed as a law centre, authorized to provide expert legal consultation and strategic or transactional legal work for private, governmental or intergovernmental organizations. Combining its law centre and university aspects in the context of international law, it also functions as a geopolitical research institute. As a United Nations NGO institution, it is authorized to assign delegates to contribute to UN events and to provide advisors and technical experts to assist UN projects, allowing the university to effectively contribute to applied geopolitics.

Under its licensed authority from the Ministry of Justice and also statutory authority of international law, IVU serves as the host NGO institution for the autonomous Arbitration Court of International Justice (ACIJ), a UN-level Court of Law with full judiciary authority. The international licenses of the host NGO empower the ACIJ Court to serve as an independent judiciary body for binding commercial arbitration, and also as a non-governmental Court of Justice for the adjudication and enforcement of international law.

It gradually dawned on me that this could actually happen. The need for such a Court is dire. The timing of its emergence seemed to be highly fortuitous. The statutory authority appeared capable of surviving the inevitable challenges, scorn, and likely attack of corrupt plutocratic elements.

Clearly, we would need to begin familiarizing the public with the potential of the ACIJ, since funding would not come from governments (as with the existing treaty-based courts), but must come from the people themselves, with the aim of establishing a permanent endowment.

Getting the Word Out — the Founding of The Alliance Journal For this purpose, The Alliance Journal was founded as a scholarly academic journal, folded into the IVU, to serve the needs of the anti-globalist, pro-national sovereignty cause:

The Alliance Journal celebrates the existence and continued development of a meaningful and functional alliance of intellectuals, academics, independent journalists and researchers who define themselves as Anti-Agenda and Anti-Globalist, who thereby support the network of allies of the NAM-BRICS Alliance in defense of human rights and individual freedoms.

The Court would need experienced international judges. A relationship was established with a bar association of international judges, based in the prestigious Ain Shams University in Cairo, giving the ACIJ access to more than 12,000 judges in Europe and the Middle East. Alliances with sympathetic barristers in the UK also came into being over the many months during which the groundwork for the court was accomplished.

The Magnitude of the Task – and the Need for Careful Strategy Two crucial elements remained to be decided: funding and strategy.

Those of us working to help launch the first licensed “People’s” International Court of Human Rights did not (and do not) kid ourselves about the magnitude of the task — nor of the formidable vastness and corruption of the forces arrayed against it. Two courses of action presented themselves:

  1. a) A “go slow” approach could be pursued, in which the court would quietly build up a record of enforcement, processing low-profile cases as plaintiffs came forward, utilizing existing fast-track enforcement mechanisms under existing international law to attach assets or seize bank accounts to enforce monetary awards of damages, looking to eventually win public recognition and support in careful, gradual steps, or
  2. b) A full-press public campaign for recognition of the Court’s legitimacy and potential global impact could be mounted, aiming to create a broad popular movement which might swiftly bring the Court the funding and support required to quickly move into large-scale processing of human rights cases.

The decision was made to pursue the latter course, as it became clear that in the absence of funding and support, the Court’s momentum would slow to a crawl. As the global crisis deepened over the months, we were also aware that the behind-the-scenes war was entering a crucial and possibly decisive phase in which the need for a non-tainted, legitimate court of human rights would be acute.

The Campaign, the Launch – and Refuting the Defamation Preparing to launch the campaign, the ACIJ was strengthened by the creation of Justice4Humanity, a US-based team of talented social media consultants who would design the campaign and advise on strategy. Immediately the question arose — what are the weak points?  Where might the ACIJ be vulnerable to the inevitable ad hominem attacks which would ensue once the campaign began in earnest?  How could the campaign pre-emptively assert the truth in the face of anticipated false defamation?

Prince Judge Matthew had let me know early in our acquaintance that he had been targeted for defamation by US counter-intelligence forces and that he had taken vigorous action to defend himself. In the course of his service to the Knights Templar Order, he consistently shared with new associates the fact that he had been so targeted, so that they might come to him to establish the truth behind any lingering online traces of the defamation campaign.

A decision was made to vigorously expose this illegal defamation upfront at the launch of the Justice4Humanity campaign, and to present the truth of Prince Matthew’s life and work.

This centralized and illegal defamation campaign was spearheaded by a supposedly “former” US Army Counter-Intelligence officer who had been transferred to the US Department of Commerce (DOC). Six FBI criminal complaints were filed by Prince Matthew, including 3 FBI complaints directly against the DOC. These caused 2 major federal investigations, by the Office of Inspector General in Washington DC, and a “national security” investigation by the US State Department. The legal departments of 8 major corporate Internet providers agreed with the evidence of criminality, shutting down all accounts and banning all users of the defamation group.

As a result of the criminal complaints, the ring-leader of the racketeering group was transferred from DOC to USAID, suspended for 10 months, then expelled, barred from government work in Washington DC or New York, given a severe demotion to a sub-department of the Highway Administration in his small home town, and eventually pushed out of government service permanently.

The Documented History of Illegal Defamation Directed at Political Dissidents by US Government Agencies The following academic proof of illegal defamation against political dissidents (meaning anyone at all who disagrees with the Western governments) comes from an early draft of the much anticipated Judge’s Manual for Enforcement of Human Rights, being developed by Prince Judge Matthew as a university textbook:

“The reality that the US government does in fact persecute political dissidents, specifically by discrediting and legal harassment, is proven by evidence of the FBI “CoIntelPro” (counter-intelligence program) [1] which continues as an unofficial program [2] of routine methods [3] which were proven by a US Federal Court to be ongoing [4]. The primary method is “legal harassment” with false testimony and fabrications for abuse of process leading to false defamation [5], to discredit any person who does not agree with current US geopolitical policies.

The American illegal program or methods are directly mirrored in the United Kingdom “CONTEST” program, revealing the connection to military intelligence. The UK program targets any political dissent with “grievances” about government violations of civil rights or human rights [6], often driven by “Defense Advisory Notices” from the military [7], resulting in secret “Control Orders” to “prevent, restrict or disrupt” the lawful activities of dissidents [8], often through legal harassment and false defamation.

The European Commission Directorate General for Justice Freedom and Security proved that the CONTEST program was uniformly implemented throughout the NATO alliances [9]. The UN Human Rights Council condemned those proven methods as illegal political persecution of any person who “powerful entities do not like or agree with” [10].”
The Targeting of Prince Judge Matthew for Illegal Defamation by the US Government As an American-born, highly-qualified international lawyer who had chosen to openly and legally work with the Russian government in anti-Agenda, anti-Globalist projects, Matthew was clearly a prime target for such illegal persecution.

The primary ring-leader of the racketeering group from the US Department of Commerce against whom Matthew’s complaints were filed, eventually admitted to four years of active service in the US Army “Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence”, specializing in “Counter Intelligence” and other “intelligence operations” as an “Intelligence Officer”. This was combined with 13 years of computer experience with “systems for IT news distribution” (closely related to “information warfare” capabilities, especially Internet publication of state-sponsored disinformation campaigns such as false defamation against political dissidents).

The flagship inflammatory accusation in the aggressive campaign of unlawful false defamation by the US Department of Commerce was the claim that Judge Matthew was “disbarred”, and supposedly “admitted” to wrongdoing. As with all the other fabricated defamation, this claim has been proven to be false. Indeed, the fact that he is now a registered accredited international judge proves that he was vetted by a full panel of accredited judges (representative of the international judiciary profession), and in fact holds the full credibility, authority and weight of the Rule of Law itself in his hands.

(In the Appendix attached to the conclusion of this article, detailed evidence is provided of Prince Matthew’s successful effort to defend himself against the politically-motivated illegal defamation campaign leveled at him.)

Conclusion — The Need for the ACIJ is Dire Ironically, this proven campaign of illegal defamation by US Government agencies against a prominent Anti-Agenda, Anti-Globalist international judge provides a powerful example of the need to support the ACIJ as a viable, legitimate Court to which individuals may appeal to enforce international human rights law against the corrupt oligarchic factors which trample on the law as a daily method of doing business.

Only an international court with statutory authority, funded by non-governmental public support, upholding the highest standards of due process and with robust and energetic enforcement mechanisms in place, can reverse this deadly trend.

Given that Prince Matthew and myself (in my capacity as Senior Editor of The Alliance Journal and a member of Justice4Humanity) have been asked by our team of human rights advocates to serve as spokespersons for the ACIJ, we know that we will be targets, and we are both willing to endure the scrutiny and inevitable attacks that come with the territory of mounting a serious challenge to the corrupt financial elite. It should be carefully noted that we will be energetically assertive in invoking the Rule of Law against any illegal, unconstitutional false defamation attacks such as were leveled at Prince Matthew.

Influential allies are coming forward. Extensive networks of support are being activated. Major developments are forthcoming shortly. This institution is for real, and will be a permanent institution of real social justice, with global jurisdiction, and vigorous enforceability.

We therefore invite those who recognize the crisis to explore cooperation with the ACIJ and Justice4Humanity at the earliest opportunity.

Michael Henry Dunn

Senior Editor, The Alliance Journal



[1] Allan M. Jalon, A Break-In to End All Break-Ins: 1971 Stolen FBI Files Exposed Government’s Domestic Spying Program, Los Angeles Times, 08 March 2006.

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[10] Frank La Rue, Report of the Special Rapporteur on the Promotion and Protection of the Right to Freedom of Opinion and Expression, UN Human Rights Council, A/HRC/17/27 of 16 May 2011, Summary, Articles 26, 34.


(A law firm certified package of the relevant documentary evidence will soon be available upon request):

The following verified facts about the state-sponsored campaign of illegal defamation against  Prince Matthew are adapted from a certified Barristers Opinion from a licensed UN NGO international law center:

In December 2007, an international law firm for which Matthew was a figurehead “President”, was targeted by a low-level “Business Development Specialist” (here called “Ringleader”), in the US Department of Commerce (DOC) Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) in New York. Using as an excuse two “potential clients” (who never actually hired the law firm) referred by DOC, in retaliation for the law firm refusing to accept the clients (both rejected for fraud), DOC engaged in aggressive and persistent criminal extortion and racketeering, making illegal demands enforced by a relentless campaign of governmental pressure and threats, especially by false defamation, aggravated by victim and witness intimidation – all federal crimes.

This organized criminal activity from DOC was conducted under false color of official authority, with Ringleader illegally claiming to be a “federal agent”, despite the fact that DOC is merely an administrative agency with no law enforcement authorities. The attacks consisted of continually inventing knowingly false and inflammatory accusations, intended solely for the purpose of sabotage. Despite the fact that the law firm had 40 executives and 6 offices in 5 countries, all accusations and defamation were personally directed at Matthew as its figurehead “President”.

In January 2008, within only two weeks after threats of sabotage by DOC, the website and database servers of the law firm were shut down, blocking all access to client files. This caused interruption of work for all clients, creating discontent among clients of the firm.

On 12 January 2008, Matthew filed an FBI criminal complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (“IC3”) division, which resulted in local police causing the servers to be restored in Florida, and yielded evidence indicating the servers were shut down “at the request of a government agency” such as DOC abusing its authority. Evidence in the case file proves that an online defamation campaign by Ringleader under DOC in 2009 admitted possession of a 2007 internal document which could only have been stolen from those private servers during that event.

On 12 March 2008, Matthew filed a 1st FBI criminal complaint against DOC, with full evidence of all violations. This FBI complaint was joined by two victim-witnesses who signed affidavits, both brokers targeted by DOC extortion and defamation merely for referring clients to the law firm.

On 03 December 2008, Matthew filed a 2nd FBI criminal complaint against DOC, with full evidence of all continuing violations. This FBI complaint was joined by another two victim-witnesses who signed affidavits, both executives of an independent Savings & Loan financial institution targeted by DOC extortion and defamation merely for being a client of the law firm.

Both federal complaints were referred to the FBI Public Corruption Squad “C-14” in New York, which investigated and referred to an Office of Inspector General in Washington DC, but the FBI did nothing to intervene to stop the escalating organized criminal attacks against the law firm, which was fully in good standing.

On 08 December 2008, Matthew also filed a 3rd federal complaint against DOC with the US Department of State, with evidence that the racketeering ring was abusing US Embassy functions to extend the reach of their federal crimes in violation of international law, proving that military methods officially recognized as “information warfare” were being used as illegal persecution.

In February 2009, Ringleader was removed from DOC and transferred to an “information technology” division of USAID (related to “information warfare” capabilities), apparently to deflect pressure and scrutiny away from DOC as the subject of 3 federal criminal investigations.

Without any law enforcement intervention, despite federal investigations, the persecution by DOC accelerated into a prolonged campaign of criminally false defamation on the Internet. All of it was personally directed at Judge Matthew, and all postings were proven to be coordinated among the same group of state-sponsored criminal perpetrators connected to DOC.

On 16 December 2009, in retaliation for his removal from DOC caused by multiple criminal complaints against him, Ringleader created a dedicated blog for false defamation against Matthew and his former law firm, under a branded campaign name (here called “Defamers”).

Beyond false inflammatory disinformation, the campaign included manufacturing forged documents pretending to be third parties, and even fake “lawyer review” websites (listing very few names – probably fictitious except for Matthew’s name, and not allowing any positive comments). False claims about the law firm were apparently used as an excuse for the primary purpose of persecuting Matthew individually as a political dissident.

On 31 January 2010, Matthew filed an FBI complaint against Defamers with the IC3 division of the FBI National White Collar Crime Center (“NW3C”). In retaliation for this criminal complaint, the branded Defamers blog site immediately began illegally using the logos of NW3C itself, and of another FBI government contractor, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), to describe the group’s identity.

On 03 February 2010, Matthew filed another FBI complaint against Defamers for fraudulent misuse of the NW3C and ACFE logos, and illegally impersonating federal agents to misrepresent the source of the false defamation campaign. This caused both FBI contractors to support intervention for removal of the campaign from all legitimate and lawful online sites.

Eight Major Internet Service Providers Agree to Shut Down Criminal Defamation Websites Directed at Judge Matthew A subsequent audit of Investigations & Enforcement Results verifies that the DOC ring-leader of the criminal defamation campaign was eventually sanctioned and neutralized by federal and even national security agencies. It presents evidence that the legal departments of 8 major corporate internet service providers agreed that the campaign was flagrantly criminal and shut down all accounts and banned the users of the operation.

The law firm had no relations with or obligation to DOC, and DOC has no administrative or regulatory authority over any law firm. The racketeering operated by and through DOC used a modus operandi of referring potential “clients” (the same few fraudulent supporting actors) to a firm, as a pretense for abuse of authority as extortion, enforced by false defamation under exaggerated color of official authority.

The facts that the ring-leader was a career Army counter-intelligence officer, and that counter-intelligence is the primary source of state-sponsored persecution of political dissidents, indicate that DOC was used as a vehicle for special operations against dissidents. DOC is a prominent feature of US Embassies worldwide, and “commerce” is a convenient sphere to attack dissidents globally by depriving them of the basic human right to practice their profession or make a living.

In 2009, Judge Matthew had a political conflict with a State Bar association in the United States. He had held only inactive “Associate Membership” status, which is not a license, and thus never used it, instead practicing law under foreign law licenses and authorizations.

One year after he had left the law firm of which he was the figurehead “President”, two clients breached their commercial transaction contracts with that law firm, by fraudulently misrepresenting their projects and failing to provide their documents for the law firm to work with.

Both clients filed complaints with the local State Bar against Matthew personally, although he was never assigned to their cases and had already left the firm a full year earlier, claiming a license violation for not “refunding” their retainers. However, nothing was owed to them, and by their breach of contract they in fact owed substantial penalties to the law firm.

Documents in the case file indicate that the State Bar did not follow many of its own rules and procedures providing for fair defense against false claims. It disregarded evidence of the foreign law licenses of both Matthew and the law firm, which would prove that the Bar had no jurisdiction. It also ignored extensive documentary evidence proving every point in both complaints to be knowingly false.

The Bar disregarded evidence which had been accepted by the FBI, establishing that both clients were being coordinated by a non-client organized crime group supported by the US Department of Commerce (DOC), which was using their false complaints to perpetrate criminal extortion to demand tens of millions of dollars from the firm, enforced by a campaign of unlawful false defamation online. It also ignored the fact of prior criminal complaints with the FBI against that same group, and that such complaints had been accepted and referred to a specialized “Public Corruption” division, indicating that they were taken seriously.

Review of the case file by defense lawyers revealed that the State Bar appeared to be politically “persecuting” him, primarily discriminating against his living exclusively in foreign countries and relying on foreign licenses. Such multinational lifestyle was apparently perceived as an insult to their authority and a threat to their relevance with all international lawyers from their local State.

Matthew insisted upon resigning from the local State Bar, since it was not a “license”, was never used, and never needed. Furthermore, he would have had to pay approximately $100,000 for a “full trial” type litigation, only to defend a non-active non-license of no benefit to him, which he now saw as merely an instrument of sabotage by abuse of authority. The Bar had already demonstrated persistent and escalating violation of his due process rights, and highly politicized persecution. Thus, politically motivated bias and prejudice were evident, and no fairness or lawfulness could be expected.

As the only way to be allowed to resign, he was forced to sign a standardized “Voluntary Revocation” document stating that he “admitted to the charges as stated”. However, in that document, no actual “charges” were stated, as nothing was stated that would be a violation under the Rules of Conduct.

He only “admitted” out of context the isolated fact that the firm did not give a refund, but the document was not permitted to mention the overriding legal fact that by binding enforceable signed contracts breached by both clients, no refund was owed. He did not admit anything that would constitute wrongdoing, and certainly did not admit anything for which any lawyer would be “disbarred”.

The voluntary resignation form also officially stated that it could “not be used for any other purpose”, but yet was aggressively used for every other imaginable illegal purpose, all as an instrument of persecution of a political dissident.

The clients never filed any civil lawsuit against Matthew or the law firm, apparently because they knew the evidence proved their complaints false, and a Court would most likely make them pay the penalties owed to the firm for their breach of contract. In the entire history of the law firm, not one complaint was ever filed against its own foreign international law license, of which all clients had a copy.

Months after Matthew’s resignation in protest, direct documentary evidence emerged, revealing the active and prominent involvement of the DOC in driving and coordinating the entire State Bar process. (The DOC had no standing in the case, had conflict of interest as the subject of 2 prior FBI criminal complaints against it, and has no authorized function or any lawful purpose for interfering in the legal profession.)

The following key pieces of evidence (provided to qualified persons upon request) prove that the State Bar process was politically motivated, criminally corrupted, knowingly violated jurisdictional limits, and was intentionally abused for unlawful persecution as a dissident:

2007 – Membership Cards in State Bar & American Bar, proving that the  local State status was merely inactive “Associate” membership, which cannot be considered a “license”, and does not constitute being “at Bar”, such that using the term “disbarred” is a false portrayal intended only to be inflammatory and defamatory. That the “Associate” card was issued in 2007 proves that this inactive non-license status was held for 2 years before the State Bar “investigated” the false complaints.

2006 – Certification by Panama Bar Association, issued in 2009 by the “National Lawyers Association of Panama”, proving that the law firm was registered with the Bar as a “Professional Association” since 2006, and was thus internationally licensed from the exclusive jurisdiction of Panama. This proves that any personal law license from Matthew was irrelevant, not used and not needed, as the firm had its own license. The 2006 registration date proves that this law firm license was held 3 years before the false complaints to the local State Bar.

All clients of the firm were given copies of the full Panama license before being allowed to hire the firm, proving that the complaints to the local State Bar were intended solely as a direct personal attack against Matthew as an individual, and were not part of any legitimate dispute.

2006 – Notarized Affidavit of Founding Partners of Law Firm, issued in 2009 by one of several managing partners, evidencing that Matthew was only the figurehead “President” (by power of attorney) of the international law firm, and proving that the firm was in fact managed by multiple “founders and partners Lawyers registered at the Panama Bar Association”, a description which does not include Matthew.

2008 – Notification to American Bar & State Bar, entitled “Urgent Request for Support in Defense of Legal Profession”, issued by Matthew in March 2008, notifying the American Bar Association and local State Bar of “a direct attack on the legal profession, and a wrongful deterrent to the provision of necessary legal services”, with a lawyer and law firm in good standing “being persecuted by the DOC”. It requested to “defend the integrity of the legal profession… and to uphold the rule of law”, as “An honest [lawyer] should not be disadvantaged against or subordinated to a corrupt ‘official’ of any agency.”

This proves that both Bar associations were given a copy of the 1st FBI complaint against DOC, highlighting evidence that DOC had “the declared intent of having the firm and all its lawyers disbarred ‘throughout the whole world’”, for corrupt and illegal purposes, a full year before the one-sided State Bar process against Matthew. Both Bar associations did nothing.

2008 – Emails Proving DOC Arranged  the State Bar Process, a string of emails between an “Investigator” of the local State Bar and Ringleader of DOC, dated December 2008, obtained by a private investigator. It evidences the aggressive targeting of Matthew as a private person by DOC, prompting the Bar to reply that his “alternate address is personal information and shall not be disclosed”, revealing the political motivations for illegal harassment unrelated to the false complaints.

The emails prove that the Bar had full knowledge of the fact that “Associate” status was inactive and was not a “license” at all, as the Investigator quoted a State Bar statute that “Associate Members… may not practice law”. This proves that the process was advanced with knowledge of lack of jurisdiction, and that the later statements wrongfully describing “voluntary revocation of license” as “disbarred” were knowingly and intentionally false, and thus could only be intended as defamation for persecution.

The emails prove that DOC was actively reaching out to clients of the law firm and referring them to the local State Bar, thus abusing color of authority to encourage anybody to make any possible complaints, admitting “I have passed on your information to our clients”, and volunteering “assistance to identify other involved parties”. (The FBI “C-14” division noted that it is highly illegal for any government official to refer to “our clients” indicating bribe-taking for personal gain by abuse of authority.)

Outrageously, the State Bar Investigator wrote, “I will give Mr. Vertman a call and coordinate with the Assistant Bar Counsel overseeing this matter.”  This is a major admission, proving that the DOC Chief Legal Counsel named Vertman was directly coordinating the entire process with the higher level of the Bar, thus flagrantly prejudicially corrupting the process by illegal abuse of authority. This is direct evidence of the federal crime of victim retaliation by DOC, as Vertman was in charge of defending against the 2 FBI criminal complaints filed by Judge Matthew, and was legally responsible for disciplining Ringleader, not aiding and abetting the organized criminal campaign of persecution.

Conclusion Judge Matthew has been independently verified through informal communications with official channels, with successful confirmation of all claimed credentials, experience and qualifications, and validation that all statements in his curriculum vitae and public biographical profiles are truthful and accurate.

He is genuinely a highly decorated national security veteran, former independent Presidential advisor, and accomplished international lawyer and diplomatic special envoy. He has been entrusted with tens of billions and occasionally trillions of dollars in a trustee and fiduciary capacity, and appears to have been entrusted with national security command decisions affecting potentially millions of lives, as well as entrusted with real military force.

For no serious complaints to have happened, no civil lawsuits, no criminal violations, and no liabilities nor adverse consequences resulting from his highly sensitive activities, over so many years, is statistically surprising. This indicates that he is diligent, loyal, reliable, trustworthy, follows missions to completion, and does not make mistakes under pressure.

The only real “adverse information” touted by his political opponents are two regulatory events, which were pushed forward by American local agencies which lacked jurisdiction, solely by means of unlawful abuse of power in violation of due process of law. Those wrongful accusations are proven by voluminous documentation to be knowingly false, made for the primary purpose of politically motivated and unconstitutional persecution against him.


[1] Allan M. Jalon, A Break-In to End All Break-Ins: 1971 Stolen FBI Files Exposed Government’s Domestic Spying Program, Los Angeles Times, 08 March 2006.

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[10] Frank La Rue, Report of the Special Rapporteur on the Promotion and Protection of the Right to Freedom of Opinion and Expression, UN Human Rights Council, A/HRC/17/27 of 16 May 2011, Summary, Articles 26, 34.

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